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Vapour Trail Live: Best of 2022 So Far (7.8.22)

Vapour Trail Live: Best of 2022 So Far (7.8.22)

July 11, 2022

Vapour Trail Live with Greg Peters (Adelaide, Australia), Meagan Masingill, (San Diego, California, USA) and Bret Miller (Burbank, California, USA) is regularly aired on Eardrum Buzz Radio on the second and fourth Fridays at 6pm Pacific time. We have themed shows and take requests. Find out more on the Schedule page at www.eardrumbuzz.net



SETLIST for July 8, 2022: 

Beach House - Superstar

Greg intro - 6:08 PM

SRSQ - Saved for Summer

Hater - Something

Zola Jesus - Sewn

Calliere - Tombstones (request for John Emslie)

G, M, & B speak at 6:32 PM

Just Mustard - Still

The Rosie Varela Project - My Sunshine

Neko Case - Oh, Shadowless

Minaxi - Adore (Feat. Theadora Curtis)

G, M, & B speak at 6:52 PM

Crows - Slowly Separate

Soft Kill - Always Running

Revolution Above Disorder - Annihilator (request for Kris Gardner)

Grivo - There

G, M, & B speak at 7:17 PM

Cool Heat - Soft Glow

Japanese Heart Software - Soft

EDBZ station ID - velvet sunset

Velvet Sunset - Summer Night

Wet Leg - Convincing (Butch Young request)

Margo Price - You Don’t Own Me

young prisms - Violet

Mike Lee - EDBZ station ID

Toro y Moi - The Loop

Fotocrime - Never Fall Out of Love  

G, M & B VT Live promo

Winter of Our Faith - Wasting Time

G, M, & B speak at 8:00 PM

Visitors/Ephemerons - Was Once

Margo Price - Fight to Make It (feat. Mavis Staples)

Bonita Array - Serenade Locura

Tim Burgess - Here Comes the Weekend

G, M, & B speak at 8:34 PM


Preoccupations - Ricochet

Owen Murphy - New Age Healers station ID

New Age Healers - Don’t Let Me Go

Death Cab for Cutie - Metal Heart (Cat Power Cover)

Lost Echoes - Running out of time

Grazer - These Days (Pass Me By)

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - she spins

Horsegirl - Antiglory

Be Here Now with Rosie Varela - Episode 1

Be Here Now with Rosie Varela - Episode 1

July 9, 2022

Rosie Varela, singer for EEP and The Rosie Varela Project plays music and guides you through meditational techniques on Be Here Now, her new monthly show, first Mondays at 8pm PT on Eardrum Buzz Radio.


This is her debut episode for the Eardrum Buzz Radio Second Anniversary Weekend.

Listen here or download when you need to relax and breathe.


DJ JimiC’s EDBZ 2nd Anniversary Special

DJ JimiC’s EDBZ 2nd Anniversary Special

July 9, 2022

DJ JimiC, aka Jim Biggs of Black Nite Crash, plays some great songs from his favorites and friends for the Second Anniversary Weekend of Eardrum Buzz Radio.




boo radleys - lazarus (w/talkover intro) 00:00 to 04:36
talkover 04:36 to 05:42
deep cut - time to kill 05:42 to 11:22
sloan - underwhelmed (peppermint ep vers) 11:22 to 15:50
magoo - the starter's gun 15:50 to 18:40
talkover 18:40 to 19:49
loose wing - blanket skin 19:49 to 24:17
guest directors - minor mendings 24:17 to 30:24
tokyoidaho - interface 30:24 to 34:08
vibragun - breaking the spell 34:08 to 38:14
talkover 38:14 to 40:22
jane from occupied europe - parade 40:22 to 44:00
seely - bitsa jane 44:00 to 47:07
smashing orange - sidewinder 47:07 to 52:09
talkover 52:09 to 54:01
black nite crash - the take 54:01 to 58:44
farewell 58:44 to 58:51 


Winter of Our Faith EDBZ Second Anniversary Show

Winter of Our Faith EDBZ Second Anniversary Show

July 9, 2022

Heather and Mario Macias, aka Winter of Our Faith put together an eclectic set of some of their favorite songs for the Eardrum Buzz Radio Second Anniversary Weekend.

They also premiere their new song Wasting Time from their upcoming album.




Program Intro Song 
Vox Intro Set 1 
Setlist 1: 
They Might Be Giants – “Don’t Let’s Start” 
The Chameleons – “Swamp Thing” 
The Church – “Reptile” 
Vox Intro Set 2 
Setlist 2: 
Jamiroquai – “Seven Days In Sunny June” 
Beck – “Colors” 
Royksopp – “Remind Me” 
Gustavo Cerati – “Tu Locura” 
Vox Intro Set 3 
Setlist 3: 
Melou – “Fly To The Sky” 
Winter Of Our Faith – “Into Eternity” 
Everything But The Girl – “Rollercoaster” 
Vox Intro Set 4 
Setlist 4: 
La Lupita – “Supersonico” 
Winter Of Our Faith – “Wasting Time” 
The Sisters Of Mercy (Feat. Ofra Haza) – “The Temple Of Love” 
Caterwaul – “Manna And Quail" 
Set Conclusion and Acknowledgement

Ronny & Goran of Damokles EDBZ 2nd Anniversary Special

Ronny & Goran of Damokles EDBZ 2nd Anniversary Special

July 9, 2022

Ronny Raskinn and Goran Karlsvik present a new hour of music from their bands and the bands of their other bandmembers and friends. The music is heavy but the banter is hilarious.




Damokles - Carry or Crush
Sibiir - These Rats We Deny
Singing Swords - California
This Sect - Cosmos Never Ends
KITE - Turbulence
Endtimers - When You Sleep I'm Awake
Damokles - Bodies Get Bored
Duderbeist - Ord
The Murder Mystery - A Girl Named Red
Ild - Fanden tok Mine Beste Ar
Team Me - F Is For Faker
Contrarian - I've Seen Worse, Thank You
Damokles - Breathtaker


Sorry for misspelling your name Ronny!

Brandon Dudley’s EDBZ 2nd Anniversary Special

Brandon Dudley’s EDBZ 2nd Anniversary Special

July 9, 2022

Brandon Dudley, bassist for Echodrone presents an hour of Bass-centric songs for the Second Anniversary of Eardrum Buzz Radio.




Cavern - Liquid Liquid
The Less I know The Better - Tame Impala
Mind Your Own Business - Delta 5
Thief of Fire - The Pop Group
Claire Hates Me - Lilys
Visions Of China - Japan
Too Many Creeps - Bush Tetras
Houses In Motion - A Certain Ratio
Swan Lake - PIL
Parallel Lines - Southpacific
Empty Words - Bowery Electric
Rusholme Ruffians - The Smiths
Sometime Something - Lowlife
Slow - MBV



Somewherecold Records Second Anniversary Special

Somewherecold Records Second Anniversary Special

July 6, 2022

To help celebrate the Second Anniversary of Eardrum Buzz Records Jason Lamoreaux of The Corrupting Sea and head of Somewherecold Records presents an hour of music from his label and favorite artists.


Featuring: Anne Sulikowski, autodealer, Tangent, Jamie Dean, The Toy Library, a death cinematic, Chad Mossholder, John Carpenter, Minamo & Asuna and Blank Mass.







Damokles Vs. Eardrum Buzz Radio

Damokles Vs. Eardrum Buzz Radio

April 7, 2022

Ronny and Goran of Norwegian band Damokles take over Eardrum Buzz Radio for two hours of music and talk. They play bands that one or both are involved with including Damokles, Kite, Contrarian, This Sect, Endtimers and Dunderbeist as well as music from Cop Shoot Cop, Murder City Devils and Afghan Whigs. Interspersed are hilarious jingles from the dynamic duo.


Damokles' new album Nights Come Alive is out now on Vinter Records.





Damokles - Miniature Gardens

Damokles - Bodies Get Bored

This Sect - There Is Something Wrong With Our Hearts

Dunderbeist - Utsia

Contrarian - Cartoons For Dystopians

Stordpraepar - Vaken (Syntax Error Remix by Contrarian)

A Forest (The Cure cover) - Damokles

Endtimers - Epilogue Saint

Damokles - Nights Come Alive

Stonegard - The White Shaded Lie

Singing Swords - Y2K

These Arms Are Snakes - Red Line Season

Cop Shoot Cop - Room 429

Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

Future of the Left - The Real Meaning of Christmas

Murder City Devils - Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum

Melvins - Evil New War God

Damokles - Swing Pendulum Swing


Alex Keevill of The Microdance Guest DJ Set

Alex Keevill of The Microdance Guest DJ Set

February 6, 2022

Alex Keevill, singer and guitarist for London's The Microdance presents two hours of music from his band and offers insight and history of the band. Originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio.



Suite 1 Vocal

Suite 1:
We Are Made of Evil Things
New Waves of Hope

Suite 2 Vocal.

Suite 2:
Get Darker
Fight Like Dogs

Suite 3 vocal.

Suite 3:
The City Was Cruel to Our Love
The Ride Today

Suite 4 vocal.

Suite 4:
Yo Yo @ 26
I am the Motherfucker.
This Malaise is Over

Suite 5 Vocal.

Suite 5:

Moopy Moop.
God's Joke
Her Ride to the Stars

Suite 6 vocal.

Suite 6:
Trick Parade

Suit 7 vocal.

Suite 7:

Goodby Lily Laser
We Meet in Dreams
Felicity attacks

Suite 8 vocal.

Suite 8:
Spring Heeled Jack ( A Diadem of Dead Stars and the Magic Bullets)
Kid Got Luck

Suite 9:

Suite 9 vocal and Goodbye

Heeby Jeeby







Mike Lee of Letting Up Despite Great Faults Guest DJ Show

Mike Lee of Letting Up Despite Great Faults Guest DJ Show

January 15, 2022

Mike Lee, guitarist and vocalist for Austin, TX's Letting Up Despite Great Faults presents an hour of bands they will be touring with in 2022 plus some other choice bands for an hour originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio.



1. Bored At My Grandma's House - "Showers" (single)
2. Black Marble - Somewhere - Radio Edit (Fast Idol)
3. Peel Dream Magazine - "Pill" (Agitprop Alterna)
4. Sea Lemon - "Sunday" (single)
5. Massage - "Half a Feeling" (Still Life)
6. Coco - "Last of the Loving" (Coco)
7. Molly Frances - "Checked Out" (single)
8. Harlan - "Anyways" (Harlan)
9. The Real Sea - "Waitin' on Superman" (single)
10. fanclubwallet - "Car Crash in G Major" (single)
11. Glosser - "Lost in Your Life" (Glosser EP)
12. Barrie - "Tal Uno" (Singles EP)
13. Early Internet - "Lesser Evil" (You're Just In Time To Miss Everything)
14. Football, etc. - "Save" (Corner)
15. Claud - "Falling With The Rain" ft. Shelly (Super Monster)


Get the band's new album IV now at: https://lettingup.bandcamp.com/


And be sure to get tickets for their tour!



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