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Damokles Vs. Eardrum Buzz Radio

Damokles Vs. Eardrum Buzz Radio

April 7, 2022

Ronny and Goran of Norwegian band Damokles take over Eardrum Buzz Radio for two hours of music and talk. They play bands that one or both are involved with including Damokles, Kite, Contrarian, This Sect, Endtimers and Dunderbeist as well as music from Cop Shoot Cop, Murder City Devils and Afghan Whigs. Interspersed are hilarious jingles from the dynamic duo.


Damokles' new album Nights Come Alive is out now on Vinter Records.





Damokles - Miniature Gardens

Damokles - Bodies Get Bored

This Sect - There Is Something Wrong With Our Hearts

Dunderbeist - Utsia

Contrarian - Cartoons For Dystopians

Stordpraepar - Vaken (Syntax Error Remix by Contrarian)

A Forest (The Cure cover) - Damokles

Endtimers - Epilogue Saint

Damokles - Nights Come Alive

Stonegard - The White Shaded Lie

Singing Swords - Y2K

These Arms Are Snakes - Red Line Season

Cop Shoot Cop - Room 429

Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

Future of the Left - The Real Meaning of Christmas

Murder City Devils - Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum

Melvins - Evil New War God

Damokles - Swing Pendulum Swing


Alex Keevill of The Microdance Guest DJ Set

Alex Keevill of The Microdance Guest DJ Set

February 6, 2022

Alex Keevill, singer and guitarist for London's The Microdance presents two hours of music from his band and offers insight and history of the band. Originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio.



Suite 1 Vocal

Suite 1:
We Are Made of Evil Things
New Waves of Hope

Suite 2 Vocal.

Suite 2:
Get Darker
Fight Like Dogs

Suite 3 vocal.

Suite 3:
The City Was Cruel to Our Love
The Ride Today

Suite 4 vocal.

Suite 4:
Yo Yo @ 26
I am the Motherfucker.
This Malaise is Over

Suite 5 Vocal.

Suite 5:

Moopy Moop.
God's Joke
Her Ride to the Stars

Suite 6 vocal.

Suite 6:
Trick Parade

Suit 7 vocal.

Suite 7:

Goodby Lily Laser
We Meet in Dreams
Felicity attacks

Suite 8 vocal.

Suite 8:
Spring Heeled Jack ( A Diadem of Dead Stars and the Magic Bullets)
Kid Got Luck

Suite 9:

Suite 9 vocal and Goodbye

Heeby Jeeby







Mike Lee of Letting Up Despite Great Faults Guest DJ Show

Mike Lee of Letting Up Despite Great Faults Guest DJ Show

January 15, 2022

Mike Lee, guitarist and vocalist for Austin, TX's Letting Up Despite Great Faults presents an hour of bands they will be touring with in 2022 plus some other choice bands for an hour originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio.



1. Bored At My Grandma's House - "Showers" (single)
2. Black Marble - Somewhere - Radio Edit (Fast Idol)
3. Peel Dream Magazine - "Pill" (Agitprop Alterna)
4. Sea Lemon - "Sunday" (single)
5. Massage - "Half a Feeling" (Still Life)
6. Coco - "Last of the Loving" (Coco)
7. Molly Frances - "Checked Out" (single)
8. Harlan - "Anyways" (Harlan)
9. The Real Sea - "Waitin' on Superman" (single)
10. fanclubwallet - "Car Crash in G Major" (single)
11. Glosser - "Lost in Your Life" (Glosser EP)
12. Barrie - "Tal Uno" (Singles EP)
13. Early Internet - "Lesser Evil" (You're Just In Time To Miss Everything)
14. Football, etc. - "Save" (Corner)
15. Claud - "Falling With The Rain" ft. Shelly (Super Monster)


Get the band's new album IV now at: https://lettingup.bandcamp.com/


And be sure to get tickets for their tour!



EEP Takes Over Eardrum Buzz Radio!

EEP Takes Over Eardrum Buzz Radio!

December 1, 2021

El Paso Shoegaze quintet EEP took over Eardrum Buzz Radio for two hours of music with intros.



Purchase EEP's music here: https://eepshoegaze.bandcamp.com





Rosie - Today I Woke Up Intro - 1:58

Today I Woke Up - EEP - 2:51

Serge - Stargazer Intro - 1:41

Stargazer - EEP - 4:23

Serge - Deer Dance Intro - 0:37

Deer Dance - System of a Down - 2:55

Serge - This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed Intro - 0:39

This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed - The Mars Volta - 4:58

Serge - Gobbledigook Intro - 0:30

Gobbledigook - Sigur Rós - 3:07

Serge - Everything Reminds Me Of Her Intro - 0:52

Everything Reminds Me Of Her - Elliott Smith - 2:38

Serge - Bodysnatchers Intro - 0:41

Bodysnatchers - Radiohead - 4:02

Rosie - Happiness Is A Warm Gun Intro - 0:25

Happiness Is A Warm Gun - The Beatles - 2:45

Rosie - Dreaming Intro - 0:23

Dreaming - Blondie - 3:06

Rosie - Already There Intro - 0:27

Already There - Verve - 5:38

Rosie - (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone Intro - 0:34

(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone - The Monkees - 2:24

Rosie - The Tourist Intro - 0:24

The Tourist - Radiohead - 5:24

Sebastian - Ceremony (Version 1) [2016 remaster] Intro - 0:32

Ceremony (Version 1) [2016 remaster] - New Order - 4:39

Sebastian - Incinerate Intro - 0:30

Incinerate - Sonic Youth - 4:56

Sebastian - Slow Baby Intro - 0:39

Slow Baby - Black Dub - 4:19

Sebastian - Me, My Yoke and I Intro - 0:42

Me, My Yoke and I - Damien Rice - 5:58

Lawrence - Ida Bato Intro - 0:42

Ida Bato - Richard Bona - 1:10

Lawrence - Bendicion Madre Intro - 0:34

Bendicion Madre - Pedrito Martinez - 3:57

Lawrence - Tin Roof [feat. Blessing Offor] Intro - 0:34

Tin Roof [feat. Blessing Offor] - Chris Tomlin - 3:24

Lawrence - Something Keeps Calling Intro - 1:17

Something Keeps Calling - Raphael Saadiq - 4:45

Ross - Dog With Rabbit In Mouth, Unharmed Intro - 1:08

Dog With Rabbit In Mouth, Unharmed - Beauty Pill - 5:22

Ross - Nineteen Intro - 1:05

Nineteen - Tegan and Sara - 2:56

Ross - Swoon (Radio Edit) Intro - 1:23

Swoon (Radio Edit) - The Chemical Brothers - 3:07

Lawrence - Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) Intro - 0:33

Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) - White Denim - 3:58

Ross - Rocket Intro - 1:06

Rocket - The Smashing Pumpkins - 4:06

Ross - Let Down Intro - 1:18

Let Down - Radiohead - 5:00

Luke of Devotions Guest DJ Show

Luke of Devotions Guest DJ Show

October 23, 2021

Luke Zahnleiter of Brisbane's Devotions guests for an hour on Eardrum Buzz Radio!


Get their debut album Pusher, out now on Somewherecold Records and order their vinyl:



Htrk - ha
Lost animal - lose the baby
Inc - angel
Clams casino - leaf
Sophie - is it cold in the water?
Rowland s howard - shut me down
Dirty beaches- casino lisboa 
Chivalry - pills for your happiness 
Nite fields - invitation
Cloud tangle- sinking feeling 
Michael Whitney- limes 
Devotions- Excess 
Devotions - modeling 

Interview with Greg Bertens of Film School Plus Music

Interview with Greg Bertens of Film School Plus Music

October 3, 2021

I first learned of Film School from seeing them open for Swervedriver during that band's 2008 reunion tour at the Henry Fonda Theatre. The band has released several albums, EP's and singles and has recently released We Weren't Here on Sonic Ritual Recordings. 


I sent singer/guitarist Greg Bertens some questions for a show and he was nice enough to answer them all. I put Greg amongst music from throughout Film School's brilliant career.


Hear interview shows like this one and much more at www.eardrumbuzz.net


Seek out Film School's music at: https://filmschoolmusic.bandcamp.com/

Buy We Weren't Hear on vinyl at: https://www.fatbeats.com/products/film-school-we-werent-here-lp


Listen to the show or download and listen whenever. Thanks and enjoy!


Eric C. Powell Fly Away Remix Show

Eric C. Powell Fly Away Remix Show

October 1, 2021

Host Jeff Burson interviews Synthwave artists Eric C. Powell and Andrea Powell about their Fly Away remix release and play songs from that album.

Originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio at www.eardrumbuzz.net



Introducing FLY AWAY REMIXES from Eric C. Powell and Andrea Powell. The 14-track album highlights four key songs from FLY AWAY, reimagined and remixed by some of the best electronic producers in the indie synth community. The album will feature tracks from Nature of Wires, LorD and Master, Graflex, Andrik Arkane, and People Theatre, but also new artists we've worked with including BlakLight, Kim Lunner, Cyborgdrive, Miles Matrix, and Sorry the Hedgehog. Release to all major platforms on May 21.


Artist Preferred Store:

Remixer Highlights Video:


Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell are an award-winning indie synthpop synthwave electronic music duo featured on BBC Introducing. Eric’s writing and production reflect his signature catchy synth tracks, strong vocals, and penetrating lyrics to challenge any listener and delight synth enthusiasts. Andrea’s haunting vocals often express the longing of our hearts while saturating the soul.





Andrik Arkane With an affinity for glossy pop melodies and nightmarish beats, Andrik Arkane combines EDM, dubstep and trap with elements of metalcore and pop to create a catchy, yet edgy sound. andrikarkane.com

Cyborgdrive Spanish musician Paco Butrón aka Cyborgdrive sounds to innovation, well programmed sequences, complex rhythmic sections and concise and compelling melodies. cyborgdrive.com 

Kim Lunner Kim Lunner is an electro, synthpop, futurepop artist from Norway, living in Fredrikstad. He has been making music since 2007. facebook.com/kim.lunner 

Miles Matrix Miles Matrix is a synthwave / retrowave producer from Vienna. Influenced by the 80s and 90s, his music is sometimes hard and fast, sometimes soft and chill. vk.com/milesmatrix 

People Theatre French-based electro artist People Theatre brings the power of the 80s with a very modern touch for dark, techno, club, or synthpop styles. people-theatre.com 

BlakLight Los Angeles based dark electronic pop duo Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) & Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco). blaklightband.com

Graflex Graflex are an electronica duo from Lancashire, UK comprising Sam James on vocals and Ian Sharrock on keyboards.  graflex.bandcamp.com

LorD and Master Child of the 80s, LorD and Master fuses quintessentially British sensibilities with danceable, melodic synth-pop. lordandmaster.co.uk 

Nature of Wires BBC favourite & award winning synthpop / darkwave music project from the UK, writing and producing original material and remixes for artists globally since 1986. natureofwires.com

Sorry the Hedgehog Sorry the Hedgehog is the companion animal of Berlin-based songwriter / producer / DJ Eno Thiemann (aka e.no) – an outlet for his dancefloor-oriented endeavours. sorry.pet

John Treanor’s EDBZ Set

John Treanor’s EDBZ Set

August 12, 2021

John Treanor is the singer/guitarist for Los Angeles-based Tombstones In Their Eyes.

Check out TITE at: https://tombstonesintheireyes.bandcamp.com


John's set is full of thoughtful, rocking, guitar-heavy tracks and surprises by bands both known and uncelebrated. 


(Artist, Title, Album, Duration)

The Miracle Workers
When a Woman Calls My Name

Buried Feather
Morphine Bride
Cloudberry Dreamshake
Bad Liquor Pond
The Crescent Ship
Blue Smoke Orange Sky

We Are Wood
Heaven's People

Songs: Ohia
Farewell Transmission
The Magnolia Electric Co.

Tombstones In Their Eyes
I Can Hurt All The Time
Looking For A Light
Iggy Pop
Dirt (Live From Agora, Cleveland, U.S.A./1977)
TV Eye: 1977

Find You Out (Part 4)
Futura Black
Pete International Airport
Even Happier
Safer with the Wolves...
Jesus On Heroine
Drifting for Hospitality
Tremolo Eastern Salvation
Film School
Ms. Connection
Alwaysnever - EP

Change My Head
The Dandy Warhols
Nothing (Lifestyle of a Tortured Artist for Sale)
Dandys Rule Ok
Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA
Live in France

Chatham Rise
Chatham Rise

The Roogs
I Still See You
The Roogs
Roky Said
Can't Get No

The Confederate Dead
She's Not Right

Flower Of Devotion
The Great Northwest
Chief John
The Widespread Reign of the Great Northwest
Frankie Teardrop Dead
Your Way
Plane Eclipse

Mark Lanegan
Hit The City

Rev Rev Rev
A ring without an end
Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tepid Peppermint Wonderland - A Retrospective

Jackie Kasbohm’s Eardrum Buzz Radio 1st B-Day Show

Jackie Kasbohm’s Eardrum Buzz Radio 1st B-Day Show

July 17, 2021

Jackie Kasbohm sings in Echodrone and has worked with the likes of Nicolas Castello (NAX).  Jackie did a show along with her bandmates for the release of their most recent album Resurgence and she returned for the Eardrum Buzz Radio First Anniversary Weekend to take a whole hour to present to you music that influenced her and makes her happy. 



Block 1: Jenny Lewis - my muse
Rilo Kiley - “It’ll Get You There”
Postal Service - “District Sleeps Tonight - Live”
Jenny Lewis - Little White Dove
Block 2: Childhood Faves
The Cure - Kyoto Song
Depeche Mode - The Sun and the Rainfall
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Block 3: My Friends 
Highspire - Skies You Climb
Flu Flu - Mi Apotema Personal
Fir Cone Children - Soaking In (Ft. Krissy Vanderwoude)
Block 4: My Guilty Pleasures
Madonna - Everybody
Justin Timberlake - Sexyback
En Vogue - Never Gonna Get It

Nicolas Castello, aka NAX’s Eardrum Buzz Radio 1st B-Day Show

Nicolas Castello, aka NAX’s Eardrum Buzz Radio 1st B-Day Show

July 17, 2021

Nicolas Castello is not only one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to interact with online, he's also a very talented and prolific musician and goes by NAX. Nicolas has worked with so many other great musicians too. 


For his contribution to the Eardrum Buzz Radio First Anniversary Weekend, Nicolas once again talks about and plays some wonderful music for your listening pleasure.



01. Cocteau twins - Athol Brose
02. Echo Ladies - Overrated
03. Ulrich Schnauss - Medusa 
04. Young prisms - Floating in blue
05. The depreciation guild - Dream about me
06. Miniatures - What you want
07. Churches ft: Robert smith - How not to drown
08. Kaelan Mikla - Naeturblóm
09. Slowdive - Don´t know why
10. New order - Crystal
11. Smashing Pumpkins - Stumbleine
12. Tom Yorke - The eraser
13. Siouxsie and the banshees - Little sister

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