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Bret’s Ramblings 133

Bret’s Ramblings 133

June 7, 2021

Bret's Ramblings 133 was originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio at www.eardrumbuzz.net

New on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays and weekdays at 3pm and 11pm PT.



(Song, Artist, Album)

Scratching at the Lid, Piroshka, Love Drips and Gathers

Sun Like Star, Un.Real, Islands

Better Day, A Distant Shore, Better Days

Super Emotional, Honeymoan, Palace

Back To Nothing, The Joy Formidable, Into the Blue

Achilles Heal, Toni Halliday, Toni Halliday: Roll The Dice

And I Know (Nature of Wires Remix), Eric C. Powell, Fly Away Remixes

Tae The Poets, Chris Connelly & Monica Queen, The Birthday Poems

Echoes Through The City, BEATASTIC, Refraction EP

Roman Empire, The City Gates, Age of Resilience

Passing Moment, Slowly, Reverse EP



Ender (Live in Lafayette), Dead Register, Don't Fail Me

K, Maff, Kriyam

Break My Fall, Oceans, Come So Far EP

When The Lightning Comes, Sleepersound, Idle Voices

There Is Something Wrong With Our Hearts, This Sect, Single

Gloss, Rilev, Single

Teeth And Tongue, Sculpture Club, Worth

Let Me Let Go, Dentist, Single

Gold, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Something Beautiful Compilation

Please Smile, Climate Zombies, Single

Today, Sleepspent, Single

Soul Mate [Redacted], The Corrupting Sea, Soul Mate (The Remixes)

An Exquisite Aberration, Michael C. Sharp, Synth Vehicles For Guitar

When You're Near (Stripped-Back Mix), Become The Sky, Single




Bret’s Ramblings Episode 132

Bret’s Ramblings Episode 132

May 20, 2021

From upbeat pop to guitar-heavy catharsis, It's a new Bret's Ramblings!

Originally heard weekdays on Eardrumbuzz.net 3pm & 11pm PT, new on the First and Third Tuesdays.



(Song, Artist, Album)

Magic Pierrot, Tapeworms, Single

In a Million Years, Misty Coast, When I Fall From The Sky

Gravity, Whimsical, Single

Catch It On A Fall, Hadda Be, Another Life

Wait, FERS, Shallow EP

Aldavyeem (A Time To Dance), Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell, Burn

SENTIENCE at la salla rossa in montreal in 2002, SIANspheric, THANKS. WE'RE SIANSPHERIC. WE'VE GOT MERCH AT THE BACK.

Skull / Tone / Skull, Seas, Starry, Anatomy EP

Dead On The Floor, Plague Garden, Requiem Of Souls

Hit By A Brick, Distance Dealer, Slasher b/w Hit By A Brick (Digital Single)

Whoad, Golden Graves, Be Safe

We Met During The Revolution, Violet Cold, Empire Of Love

Lake Fantasy, Lantlos, Wildhund



In the Garden, Ronnie & Clyde, Single

Heavenly Bodies, Death Bells, Live From Bombay

John Barry's Space March, Donner, Single (From the movie You Only Live Twice)

3A.M. Thoughts, City of Dawn & The Corrupting Sea, Mosaic of Senses

Toi 1338b (Edit), Sedibus, The Heavens EP (Alex Patterson of The Orb)

Beaming, Vinyl Williams, Single

Dream Within a Dreamworld, The Daysleepers, Dream Within a Dreamworld (Single)

Clementine, Dream Suicides, Single

Travel Through Time, Daydream Cathedral, Single

Después del Silencio, MOONTAUK, Mileto

Bo-Bots, Meat Beat Manifesto, BLE-EP

Bret’s Ramblings 130 - XXL(T)

Bret’s Ramblings 130 - XXL(T)

April 22, 2021

Bret's Ramblings goes big, and tall this week. I have the new single from NAX and a premiere from Sky Is Alright that you won't hear anywhere else!


Also included is another hour of songs that you'll only hear on Podbean!



(Song, Artist, Album)

Postcard, Small Black, Cheap Dreams

Letter To Myself, Natalie Slade, Control

I Am Not Ready To Go, Lisel, Mycelial Echo

Double Versions, Lights That Change, Incandescent

I Can't Live Like This, Lola Demo

Morning Light, Superdrone, 5

Isosceles, Day & Dream

Showdown, The Hot Place, Showdown/Absolution Single

Lost Sentiments and Wonder, The Ocean Greys, Far Beyond Us

Eyes, Seperable, Post-Death Syndrome

Sky Is Alright, Sky Is Alright, Sky Is Alright

Deep End, Dormer.

Todo Se Hizo Negro, NAX

Wait In The Dark, Hadda Be



Highway, (Kevin Haskins Dub Remix), Signal Remixes

Breathe (Ian Catt Mix), Resplandor, Twilight / Breathe Ian Catt Mix Remastered 2021

Forty-Three, Hydro-Fyter, Siblings, Pt. 2

Heart, Denise Le Menice

Sweet Valentine (Motorhome Cover), Whimsical

Nostalgia Seed, Grazer

Imaginary Meaning, Benji Weiner

Santa Marta das Cortiças, Homem em Catarse

I Make Too Many Mistakes, Foresight

Dream Quest, Bellavista

All Am Now, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, Why Do We Fall Apart

Hit That Spot, Jacket of Spiders, Jacket of Spiders

Wrong, Tombstones In Their Eyes, Looking For A Light

Desert Daze, Clustersun, Avalanche


Bret’s Ramblings 129

Bret’s Ramblings 129

April 12, 2021

Originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio (www.eardrumbuzz.net)

New on the first and third Tuesdays and repeated weekdays 3pm & 11pm PT.


Independent bands from all over the world, spanning many genres.


Only on Podbean will you hear Extended Plays: the songs played in the background during the breaks as well as the songs that didn't make the one hour cut.



(Song, Artist, Album)

What I Need (Live), Van Houten, Live at Eiger Studios

Mint Julep, Westerley, In A Deep and Dreamless Sleep

A Garden In Your Eyes, The Sigh, Winsomeness

Chudesa (Miracle), Your Friends Polymers, Chudesa

Taipei, The Album Gatefold, The Taiwan Demos

Pantallas, Visiones 3D

No Rain (Blind Melon Cover), Drab Majesty

Bleachmouse, Blisspoint, Blisspoint EP

Blackberry, Desert Museum, Familiar Gaze

Apolojesus, Time Travel Ban, Smoke & Mirrors

Puerile, Emperor of Ice Cream, William EP

Glitter Days, Aura Zorba, Glitter Days Are Over

The Last King of Hell, Cult of Dom Keller, They Carried the Dead In A UFO


Extended Plays:

IDKU, Peace Killers, Magnetic Morning

Off The Map, Misertus, Off The Map

Truth Hurts, Tennis System, Autophobia

Public Service, Last Tourist, Public Service / Are We Just Algorithms? (Single)

Life, Holy Ship, Les Deux Regards

Proust (V3), The JD's, Proust EP

HNDI (Original Mix), Sasha, LUZoSCURA

That Time of Night (Edit), GLOK, That Time of Night EP

String and Bones (Ft. Alba Rose), Metrosideros, Var.

All In For Nothing, South, From here On In

Twirlpro, Dayflower, Popping Candy EP

So Be It, Eternity, Pam Risourie, So Be It, Eternity

Interview with Tim Quirk of Too Much Joy Plus Music!

Interview with Tim Quirk of Too Much Joy Plus Music!

April 7, 2021

Too Much Joy singer Tim Quirk took a few minutes to answer my questions about the band, the olden days and Mistakes Are Made, their first album in 25 years.


Get the Eardrum Buzz Radio schedule and listen to Bret's Ramblings and other shows at www.eardrumbuzz.net



(Song, Band, Album)

That's the Way the World Goes 'Round (John Prine cover), Too Much Joy

(Proceeds from the song go to a favorite charity of John Prine's: www.Thistlefarms.org)

Q&A "Why Now?"

Blinding Light of Love, TMJ, Mistakes Were Made

Q&A "Fans and DIY"

Uncle Watson Wants To Think (Ft. Joan Osborne), TMJ, Mistakes Were Made

Q&A "Comedy Is Hard"

Camper of the Year, TMJ, Mistakes Were Made

Something to Drink About, TMJ, Mistakes...

Q&A "Just Around the Bend"

Just Around the Bend, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "Songs Old and New and The Return of TMJ"

Tranq It Up, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "Past Highlights"

Snow Day, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "How Do Your Bandmates Shine?"

Flux Capacitor, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "What Were the Mistakes Made?"

Hairshirt, TMJ, MWM

Pong, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "Favorite Comedies and Comedians"

Oliver Plunkett's Head, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "Who is Wonderlick and Recording the new TMJ Album"

Not Being You, TMJ, MWM

We Are Not The Clash, TMJ, We Are/Are Not The Clash EP

Just Around The Bend (W/Hidden Track), Too Much Joy, Mistakes Were Made

Q&A "My Mistake"


Echodrone’s MIXTAPE

Echodrone’s MIXTAPE

March 28, 2021
On Monday, March 15th from 6-8pm PT all five members of Echodrone introduced and played some of their favorite songs.
Eugene Suh plays Rafael by Seam, Black Horse by Gastr Del Sol, First Movement by Glenn Branca, Dripsody by Hugh Le Caine and Abba On The Jukebox by Trembling Blue Stars.
Brandon Dudley plays Digital by Joy Division, Gigantic by Pixies, Avalyn 1 by Slowdive, A Deep Sleep For Steven by Pale Saints and A Short Happy Life by Medicine.
Jackie Kasbohm plays After The K.M. Tapes by Velveteen, Today We Escape by Stun, The Recluse by Cursive and a rare demo of Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac and Estrella Guía by NAX.
Mike Funk plays Faking The Books by Lali Puna, White Wind by School of Seven Bells, The Argument by Sea and Cake, Hold On, Hold On by Neko Case,  A Stream With Bright Fish by Harold Budd & Brian Eno and Risingson by Massive Attack.
Andy Heyer plays Turnstile by Autolux,  When We Escape by Minus The Bear, Image Game by Lite and closes the show with A Slow Unfolding Of Wings by And So I Watch You From Afar.
All five members make up the Echodrone sound on their new album Resurgence, out now digitally on Bandcamp and on vinyl at Diggers Factory.
Bret’s Ramblings 128 - Spring Forward

Bret’s Ramblings 128 - Spring Forward

March 23, 2021

A special two hour Bret's Ramblings. Spring is in the air and the sun is out later. People are getting their shots and positivity is spreading.


Hear my show at 3pm and 11pm PT weekdays, new on the first and third Tuesdays at www.Eardrumbuzz.net


We start with some noisy Post-Punk, move into a little dreamyness, head into darker territory, then end with some Shoegaze, Indie Rock and Psych.


This time with:

(Song, Band, Album)

Landing, fatherfigures, Any Time Now... And High Time Too

Tag, Phileas Fogg, Kopf, Unten

I Don't Know What I'm Doing, Maximo Park, Nature Always Wins

Purple Sunshine, The Stargazer Lilies

The Bee's (Live at Ortlieb's), Cigarettes For Breakfast, Cigarettes for Breakfast EP 1st Anniversary Live at Ortlieb's

Dreaming of Distant Shores, After Daylight, The Paradigm Shift

So They Say, The Devil And Her Chauffeur

Desir (Ft. Luha), Hibou

Astro, Nax

The Bridge, Small Black, Cheap Dreams

Fox and Shaman (ft. Isabelle.B Baumann), Feu Follet, Beneath The Earth

The Silence, Only Shallow, The Silence single

Just One More, The Sculpture Club, Worth

Pass On, The Black Fever

Deplorables, This Sect, Everything We Know Into A Black Hole

The Sandman, Collapse of Dawn, ...Of Nightmares & Dreams

Volution, Neonach, Volution

Go Out In Light, Mute Swan, Only Ever

Collider, Citrus Clouds, Collider

Carefully Breathing, An Autumn for Crippled Children, As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes

Density, Beeps, Beeps

Rendezvous, Kilbey Kennedy, Jupiter 13

Set Yr Eyes Aglow - Instrumental,  Pacific Latitudes, The Soundtrack Of Your Life -Ghosts In The Land Of Promise Instrumentals

Craigmoondance, The Emerald Isle, The Emerald Isle

When U R Gone, Ural Mountains, Blurry Pictures

Hey Lizzie, Lay It On Me,  Collars

Not My Home, EEP, Death of a Very Good Machine



Harvest Moon (Neil Young), Dead Rituals, Cover Songs Vol. 2

Surge, Yellow6, For The First and Last

The Future Sound of London, Her Face Forms in Summertime, Dead Cities

Om Nama Shivaya (Rude Audio Fresh Remix), Dan Wainwright, Om Nama Shivaya EP

We Are M'berra, Khalab & M'berra Ensemble, M'berra

Billy Bellsium, µ-Ziq, Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995)

The Princess and the Clock, Kero Kero Bonito, Civilisation II

Peg (Steely Dan), Super 8 & Nick Frater, Cruise Control: A Yacht Rock Cover Comp

Talk To Me Like The Sea (Everything But The Girl), Softer Still, I Remember That!: 12 sophistipop tunes quoted out of  context

I'm Not In Love (10CC), The Skating Party, Cruise Control: A Yacht Rock Cover Comp

Sail On Sailor (The Beach Boys), Seventh Seals, Cruise Control: A Yacht Rock Cover Comp


Bret’s Ramblings 127 - Reloaded

Bret’s Ramblings 127 - Reloaded

March 21, 2021

Noisy, melodic, dreamy, grooving, rocking, soothing. It's episode 127 of Bret's Ramblings!



(Song, band, album)

Do What Now?, Gaadge, Yeah?

Eroosio, Radio Supernova, Takaisin

It's Real, Flyying Colours, Fantasy Country

We Suffer In Silence, Mansfield, Star-Crossed Lovers

Come So Far, Oceans

Hidden Sun, Parallels

Last Looks, Bathe Alone, Last Looks

Broken Melody (Radio Edit), Vix20, Broken Melody

Girl Power, Flu Flu, Mi Mundo Interior

Another Life, Juliper Sky

Jaded, Echodrone, Resurgence

VERTIGO feat. ISHIKAWA (My Dead Girlfriend), Collapse

Better To Know (Ion Orion Mix), Ten Million Lights, High In Strobes

The Crime Song, Sugar Horse, DRUJ/Radio Cash-Ins



Noise Pollution, Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger

Youth, Decay, SOM, Awake

Raivo, KUAUN, Ice Fleet

Run, Spiritualized, Lazer Guided Melodies

Reality, The Blue Herons

Teau-Tequ (demo), The Leontini Vernacular, Anthropause EP

Safe, Victoria Real

Orange Dragonfly, cEvin Key, Resonance

The Politics of Dancing, Re-Flex, Living In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Cowgirl (Remix id2 A1804), Underworld, Cowgirl Limited Edition

Capitalism Flash Bang Wallop (Jack Dangers Remix), Consolidated

Paul Darrah of Tenant From Zero On Eardrum Buzz Radio

Paul Darrah of Tenant From Zero On Eardrum Buzz Radio

March 6, 2021

Enjoy Two hours of music and interviews with Paul Darrah, aka Tenant From Zero. The new album Flight is a collection of sophisticated pop songs with Paul's smoky and emotional vocals.


Paul has great taste in music and introduces four songs from theCatherines, serpentwithteeth, A Girl Called Eddy and Thomas Dolby.


Interspersed are songs from some of his favorite bands and collaborators: Bryan Ferry, The Go-Betweens, The Loch Ness Mouse, Japan, Jorge Elbrecht, Prefab Sprout, Everything But The Girl, Nah and The Fisherman And His Soul as well as music from Tenant From Zero and a choice cover or two.


Listen to Paul talk about his influences, who plays on Flight, his favorite lyrics and what he brings to his sound.


Purchase Flight now: https://tenantfromzero1.bandcamp.com

Bret’s Ramblings 126 - In 3D

Bret’s Ramblings 126 - In 3D

February 22, 2021

Take a deep dive into the worlds of Shoegaze, Electronic and the indescribable with Episode 126 of Bret's Ramblings. Originally aired on Eardrum Buzz Radio at Eardrumbuzz.net, heard weekdays at 3pm & 11pm PT, new on first and third Tuesdays.


Including the songs that didn't make it onto the one-hour aired show.



(song, artist, album)

Blinding Light of Love, Too Much Joy, Mistakes Were Made (first album in 25 years from Alternative Rock favorites)

Prism, 17 Years Old and Berlin Wall, Act (collection of last 4 EP's played live by Japanese Shoegazers)

Giant Step, Small Leap, Holy Ship, Single (new song from Swedish 90's dance-rock revivalist)

Ur2Yung, Machinedrum, A View of U (Trip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Soul and more from the South Carolina electronic producer)

Leben Ohne Licht, XTR Human, Single (New from Berlin's Dark dance singer and producer Johannes Stabel)

End, Last Ice, Last Ice (Atmospheric yet driving collaboration between We Are Parasols and Bloody Knives)

Kaleidoscope, Para Lia, Gone With The Flow (Dramatic Indie Rock from Germany)

Owl In The Parlour, Cathal Coughlan, Song of Co-Aklan (New single form Fatima Mansions and Microdisney former frontman.)

Whispers, Ousel, Single (New single from Brazilian Dream-Pop band)

Unhinge (Ft. Dani Mari, Panophonic, Awakening (Tom Lugo's textured and thoughtful one-man-band, featuring Primitive Heart, aka Dani Mari on vocals for this song.)

Please Tell Me The Story of How We Got Here, Bradley Coomes, The Works (Shoegazey instrumental from Louisville, KY musician.)

Low, The Rosie Varela Project (Beautiful new single from EEP frontwoman.)

Luminous, Vicious Blossoms, You Breath Inside of Me (Catchy yet noisy rock from Somewherecold Records)


Extended Plays:

Living Nightmare,  Pictures on Silence, Breathing room - LIVE Session#2 - PURPLE MOON ONEIRONAUTS (Parisian Post-Rock)

Awake-Sedate, SOM, Awake (Hard-edged Post-Rock from current and former members of Constants, Junius and Caspian)

Kylver, Hy-Brasil -  Live, The Plague Tapes (UK Doom Metal) 

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody), David Byrne, Austin City Limits Festival, USA, 05-10-2018 (David Byrne playing the classic Talking Heads song from Speaking In Tongues album.)

Golden Soul, llawgne, Single (Psych Pop from Sweden)

Green (Luncil RMX), The LSDays, Green Remixes (Mexican Psych-gazers get remixed by Brazilian Electronic producer Luncil.)

Light Cycle, Yppah, Sunset In The Deep End (new from the uplifting Los Angeles Trip-Hop producer.)

Spectrum, Helios, Domicile (Ambient album from Mint Julep husband and wife duo)

Reality (Ft. Dani Mari), Xeresa, Xeresa (Remastered & Extended) (Reissue of amazing Electronic-tinged solo project from Shore Dive Records owner Nicolas Wardell.)



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