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Vapour Trail Live: Dance Party (8.26.22)

September 3, 2022

In the late summer nights in Southern California, when the air is still, hot and humid/In the late winter mornings in Adelaide when the birds are waking and the air is losing its chill Bret Miller, Meagan Masingill and Greg Peters presented music that makes us want to dance. And we took plenty of requests too!


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ramones - let’s dance

electric six - danger! high voltage! (live)

pink shinyultrablast - dance am

happy mondays - kinky afro (request from John Emslie)

m & b & g speak (6:18 pm pst)

roxy music - same old scene (glimmers remix)

one dove - white love (radio mix)

art d’ecco - i am the dance floor

tones on tail - go! (club mix) (request from Brandon Dudley)

m & b & g speak (6:40 pm pst)

primal scream - loaded (single version)

a flock of seagulls - space age love song

the cult - ghost dance

blondie - rapture (request from Whitney Proffitt)

inxs - black and white  (request from Charles Motorbike)

red lorry yellow lorry - hollow eyes

m & b & g speak (6:40 pm pst)

def leppard - photograph

killing joke - love like blood (12” version)

spooky - stereo

Bret - Patreon shout-out

stone roses - fool’s gold (request from Darren Barnes)

Greg VT Live promo

gus gus - believe

lebanon hanover - gallowdance

david bowie - let’s dance

m & b & g speak (7:53 pm pst)

the chameleons - swamp thing (request from Heather Macias)

Heather Macias promo

primal scream - dolls (request from Kristina Simonova)

peter murphy -   (request from JF Scurto)

the wooden tops - stop this car (request from Tony)

men without hats - the safety dance

the b-52s - dance this mess around

power station - get it on (bang a gong)

DJ Wednesday promo

whorticulture - crucify (request from Fernando Altonaga)

m & b & g speak (8:45 pm pst)

Haunt me - watch you bleed

underworld - pearls girl (edit)

earth, wind and fire - boogie wonderland

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