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Vapour Trail Live: 32+ years of Shoegaze

September 12, 2022

This time around Greg Peters, Meagan Masingill and Bret Miller present over three decades of Shoegaze featuring classics and newer acts.

You can hear Vapour Trail Live on the second and fourth Fridays at 6pm Pacific time on eardrumbuzz.net


VT Live Shoegaze set list 9/9/2022

MBV - feed me with your kiss

Slowdive - When the Sun Hits

Chapterhouse - Something More


G, M & B speak @ approx 6:16 PM


Nothing - Zero Day

DIIV - Horsehead

Sea Dweller - I Sea the see from here


G, M & B speak @ approx 6:32 PM


Ride - Like a Daydream

Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic

Swervedriver - Red Queen Arms Race


G, M & B speak @ approx 7 PM


Cigarettes for Breakfast - Daylight

Zoon - Help Me Understand

Mint Julep - Days Gone By


G, M & B speak @ approx 7:14 PM


Drop Nineteens - Winona

Lush - De-Luxe

The Verve - Slide Away


VT Live promo with G, M & B speaking

Aluminum - Windowpane

luminous orange - Tears of Honey 

Airiel - Peoria

Underground Lovers - VT Live Promo and intro to Bells

Underground Lovers - Bells

The Cure -  A Forest (live) 

M83 - A Guitar and a Heart


G, M & B speak @ approx 8:14 PM


cranes - i hope

medicine - time baby III

film school - he’s a deep deep lake

pale saints - insubstantial

beachy head - warning bell

ulrich schnauss - on my own (edit)


G, M & B speak @ approx 8:42 PM


Human Colonies - Breather

Mint Field - Nuestro Sentido

Blushing - Waster 

Mondaze - Words Undone

EDBZ Patreon shout out 

Slow Crush - Blue

Engineers - Three Fact Fader

Horsegirl - Billy

Stargazer Lilies - Endless Days 

Destroyalldreamers - Souvlaki Space Station (cover)

Parannoul - Beautiful World

EEP - Time Crunch

Owen Murphy - New Age Healers Station ID

New Age Healers - In Dreams

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