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Tom Lugo’s Eardrum Buzz Radio 1st B-Day Show

July 12, 2021

The ever-energetic and positive Tom Lugo presents an hour of music from bands he's in, guested in, shared the stage with and put out on his Patetico Recordings.


Tom was nice enough to be part of the Eardrum Buzz Radio First Anniversary Weekend and I think he did a fine job, DJ voice and all.


Listen to shows like Tom's and more at www.eardrumbuzz.net



The Skating Party- Strangled by the stars

Malory- Lake of doubts

Rockethouse- Temporary Glitch

Alcian Blue- See you shine

Mevius- Color by number ftg Rykarda

Parasol Sueño Con Belugas- Ballenas

Skywave- Nothing Left To Say

Psiconautas- Quizas Sera

Primitive Heart- No Fear In Love

The Veldt- It’s Over

Resplandor- Silencio En Tus Labios

Airiel- Thinktank

A Place To Bury Strangers- To Fix The Gash In Your Head

The Stargazer Lilies- Endless Days

Panophonic- Untitled-unreleased track

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