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Ronny & Goran of Damokles EDBZ 2nd Anniversary Special

July 9, 2022

Ronny Raskinn and Goran Karlsvik present a new hour of music from their bands and the bands of their other bandmembers and friends. The music is heavy but the banter is hilarious.




Damokles - Carry or Crush
Sibiir - These Rats We Deny
Singing Swords - California
This Sect - Cosmos Never Ends
KITE - Turbulence
Endtimers - When You Sleep I'm Awake
Damokles - Bodies Get Bored
Duderbeist - Ord
The Murder Mystery - A Girl Named Red
Ild - Fanden tok Mine Beste Ar
Team Me - F Is For Faker
Contrarian - I've Seen Worse, Thank You
Damokles - Breathtaker


Sorry for misspelling your name Ronny!

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