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Mike Lee of Letting Up Despite Great Faults Guest DJ Show

January 15, 2022

Mike Lee, guitarist and vocalist for Austin, TX's Letting Up Despite Great Faults presents an hour of bands they will be touring with in 2022 plus some other choice bands for an hour originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio.



1. Bored At My Grandma's House - "Showers" (single)
2. Black Marble - Somewhere - Radio Edit (Fast Idol)
3. Peel Dream Magazine - "Pill" (Agitprop Alterna)
4. Sea Lemon - "Sunday" (single)
5. Massage - "Half a Feeling" (Still Life)
6. Coco - "Last of the Loving" (Coco)
7. Molly Frances - "Checked Out" (single)
8. Harlan - "Anyways" (Harlan)
9. The Real Sea - "Waitin' on Superman" (single)
10. fanclubwallet - "Car Crash in G Major" (single)
11. Glosser - "Lost in Your Life" (Glosser EP)
12. Barrie - "Tal Uno" (Singles EP)
13. Early Internet - "Lesser Evil" (You're Just In Time To Miss Everything)
14. Football, etc. - "Save" (Corner)
15. Claud - "Falling With The Rain" ft. Shelly (Super Monster)


Get the band's new album IV now at: https://lettingup.bandcamp.com/


And be sure to get tickets for their tour!



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