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Martin Kennedy of All India Radio and Kilbey/Kennedy

July 16, 2021

Martin Kennedy makes music that incorporates textures, ambience, moods, space and emotions. What does that sound like? to me, it sounds like everything I love in music (look at his setlist for an idea of his influences). Go seek out Martin's All India Radio releases as well as his several collaborations with Steve Kilbey of The Church on Bandcamp. 


I'd previously tried to get a show from Martin but he was busy promoting one of his releases. So when I asked again for the Eardrum Buzz Radio First Anniversary, I was pleasantly surprised when he said yes and turned in a set only a few days later. 


DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
Pink Floyd - On the Run (early mix)
This Mortal Coil - Waves Become Wings
David Bowie - V-2 Schneider
Sonic Youth - Starpower
The Teardrop Explodes - The Great Dominions
Pink Floyd - The Narrow Way, Pt. 3
All India Radio - Sula Guin feat Devin Townsend
Cocteau Twin - Pandora (For Cindy)
The Church - Louisiana (Single Version)
DJ Shadow - Midnight In a Perfect World
All India Radio - The Shining Cosmo

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