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Interview with Tim Quirk of Too Much Joy Plus Music!

April 7, 2021

Too Much Joy singer Tim Quirk took a few minutes to answer my questions about the band, the olden days and Mistakes Are Made, their first album in 25 years.


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(Song, Band, Album)

That's the Way the World Goes 'Round (John Prine cover), Too Much Joy

(Proceeds from the song go to a favorite charity of John Prine's: www.Thistlefarms.org)

Q&A "Why Now?"

Blinding Light of Love, TMJ, Mistakes Were Made

Q&A "Fans and DIY"

Uncle Watson Wants To Think (Ft. Joan Osborne), TMJ, Mistakes Were Made

Q&A "Comedy Is Hard"

Camper of the Year, TMJ, Mistakes Were Made

Something to Drink About, TMJ, Mistakes...

Q&A "Just Around the Bend"

Just Around the Bend, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "Songs Old and New and The Return of TMJ"

Tranq It Up, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "Past Highlights"

Snow Day, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "How Do Your Bandmates Shine?"

Flux Capacitor, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "What Were the Mistakes Made?"

Hairshirt, TMJ, MWM

Pong, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "Favorite Comedies and Comedians"

Oliver Plunkett's Head, TMJ, MWM

Q&A "Who is Wonderlick and Recording the new TMJ Album"

Not Being You, TMJ, MWM

We Are Not The Clash, TMJ, We Are/Are Not The Clash EP

Just Around The Bend (W/Hidden Track), Too Much Joy, Mistakes Were Made

Q&A "My Mistake"



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