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Damokles Vs. Eardrum Buzz Radio

April 7, 2022

Ronny and Goran of Norwegian band Damokles take over Eardrum Buzz Radio for two hours of music and talk. They play bands that one or both are involved with including Damokles, Kite, Contrarian, This Sect, Endtimers and Dunderbeist as well as music from Cop Shoot Cop, Murder City Devils and Afghan Whigs. Interspersed are hilarious jingles from the dynamic duo.


Damokles' new album Nights Come Alive is out now on Vinter Records.





Damokles - Miniature Gardens

Damokles - Bodies Get Bored

This Sect - There Is Something Wrong With Our Hearts

Dunderbeist - Utsia

Contrarian - Cartoons For Dystopians

Stordpraepar - Vaken (Syntax Error Remix by Contrarian)

A Forest (The Cure cover) - Damokles

Endtimers - Epilogue Saint

Damokles - Nights Come Alive

Stonegard - The White Shaded Lie

Singing Swords - Y2K

These Arms Are Snakes - Red Line Season

Cop Shoot Cop - Room 429

Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

Future of the Left - The Real Meaning of Christmas

Murder City Devils - Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum

Melvins - Evil New War God

Damokles - Swing Pendulum Swing


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