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Bret’s Ramblings Episode 132

May 20, 2021

From upbeat pop to guitar-heavy catharsis, It's a new Bret's Ramblings!

Originally heard weekdays on Eardrumbuzz.net 3pm & 11pm PT, new on the First and Third Tuesdays.



(Song, Artist, Album)

Magic Pierrot, Tapeworms, Single

In a Million Years, Misty Coast, When I Fall From The Sky

Gravity, Whimsical, Single

Catch It On A Fall, Hadda Be, Another Life

Wait, FERS, Shallow EP

Aldavyeem (A Time To Dance), Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell, Burn

SENTIENCE at la salla rossa in montreal in 2002, SIANspheric, THANKS. WE'RE SIANSPHERIC. WE'VE GOT MERCH AT THE BACK.

Skull / Tone / Skull, Seas, Starry, Anatomy EP

Dead On The Floor, Plague Garden, Requiem Of Souls

Hit By A Brick, Distance Dealer, Slasher b/w Hit By A Brick (Digital Single)

Whoad, Golden Graves, Be Safe

We Met During The Revolution, Violet Cold, Empire Of Love

Lake Fantasy, Lantlos, Wildhund



In the Garden, Ronnie & Clyde, Single

Heavenly Bodies, Death Bells, Live From Bombay

John Barry's Space March, Donner, Single (From the movie You Only Live Twice)

3A.M. Thoughts, City of Dawn & The Corrupting Sea, Mosaic of Senses

Toi 1338b (Edit), Sedibus, The Heavens EP (Alex Patterson of The Orb)

Beaming, Vinyl Williams, Single

Dream Within a Dreamworld, The Daysleepers, Dream Within a Dreamworld (Single)

Clementine, Dream Suicides, Single

Travel Through Time, Daydream Cathedral, Single

Después del Silencio, MOONTAUK, Mileto

Bo-Bots, Meat Beat Manifesto, BLE-EP

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