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Bret’s Ramblings 133

June 7, 2021

Bret's Ramblings 133 was originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio at www.eardrumbuzz.net

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(Song, Artist, Album)

Scratching at the Lid, Piroshka, Love Drips and Gathers

Sun Like Star, Un.Real, Islands

Better Day, A Distant Shore, Better Days

Super Emotional, Honeymoan, Palace

Back To Nothing, The Joy Formidable, Into the Blue

Achilles Heal, Toni Halliday, Toni Halliday: Roll The Dice

And I Know (Nature of Wires Remix), Eric C. Powell, Fly Away Remixes

Tae The Poets, Chris Connelly & Monica Queen, The Birthday Poems

Echoes Through The City, BEATASTIC, Refraction EP

Roman Empire, The City Gates, Age of Resilience

Passing Moment, Slowly, Reverse EP



Ender (Live in Lafayette), Dead Register, Don't Fail Me

K, Maff, Kriyam

Break My Fall, Oceans, Come So Far EP

When The Lightning Comes, Sleepersound, Idle Voices

There Is Something Wrong With Our Hearts, This Sect, Single

Gloss, Rilev, Single

Teeth And Tongue, Sculpture Club, Worth

Let Me Let Go, Dentist, Single

Gold, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Something Beautiful Compilation

Please Smile, Climate Zombies, Single

Today, Sleepspent, Single

Soul Mate [Redacted], The Corrupting Sea, Soul Mate (The Remixes)

An Exquisite Aberration, Michael C. Sharp, Synth Vehicles For Guitar

When You're Near (Stripped-Back Mix), Become The Sky, Single




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