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Bret’s Ramblings 130 - XXL(T)

April 22, 2021

Bret's Ramblings goes big, and tall this week. I have the new single from NAX and a premiere from Sky Is Alright that you won't hear anywhere else!


Also included is another hour of songs that you'll only hear on Podbean!



(Song, Artist, Album)

Postcard, Small Black, Cheap Dreams

Letter To Myself, Natalie Slade, Control

I Am Not Ready To Go, Lisel, Mycelial Echo

Double Versions, Lights That Change, Incandescent

I Can't Live Like This, Lola Demo

Morning Light, Superdrone, 5

Isosceles, Day & Dream

Showdown, The Hot Place, Showdown/Absolution Single

Lost Sentiments and Wonder, The Ocean Greys, Far Beyond Us

Eyes, Seperable, Post-Death Syndrome

Sky Is Alright, Sky Is Alright, Sky Is Alright

Deep End, Dormer.

Todo Se Hizo Negro, NAX

Wait In The Dark, Hadda Be



Highway, (Kevin Haskins Dub Remix), Signal Remixes

Breathe (Ian Catt Mix), Resplandor, Twilight / Breathe Ian Catt Mix Remastered 2021

Forty-Three, Hydro-Fyter, Siblings, Pt. 2

Heart, Denise Le Menice

Sweet Valentine (Motorhome Cover), Whimsical

Nostalgia Seed, Grazer

Imaginary Meaning, Benji Weiner

Santa Marta das Cortiças, Homem em Catarse

I Make Too Many Mistakes, Foresight

Dream Quest, Bellavista

All Am Now, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, Why Do We Fall Apart

Hit That Spot, Jacket of Spiders, Jacket of Spiders

Wrong, Tombstones In Their Eyes, Looking For A Light

Desert Daze, Clustersun, Avalanche


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