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Alex Keevill of The Microdance Guest DJ Set

February 6, 2022

Alex Keevill, singer and guitarist for London's The Microdance presents two hours of music from his band and offers insight and history of the band. Originally heard on Eardrum Buzz Radio.



Suite 1 Vocal

Suite 1:
We Are Made of Evil Things
New Waves of Hope

Suite 2 Vocal.

Suite 2:
Get Darker
Fight Like Dogs

Suite 3 vocal.

Suite 3:
The City Was Cruel to Our Love
The Ride Today

Suite 4 vocal.

Suite 4:
Yo Yo @ 26
I am the Motherfucker.
This Malaise is Over

Suite 5 Vocal.

Suite 5:

Moopy Moop.
God's Joke
Her Ride to the Stars

Suite 6 vocal.

Suite 6:
Trick Parade

Suit 7 vocal.

Suite 7:

Goodby Lily Laser
We Meet in Dreams
Felicity attacks

Suite 8 vocal.

Suite 8:
Spring Heeled Jack ( A Diadem of Dead Stars and the Magic Bullets)
Kid Got Luck

Suite 9:

Suite 9 vocal and Goodbye

Heeby Jeeby







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